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Bates Creek Baptist Camp

Bates Creek camp is a baptist camp designed to give children a well rounded God centered week with no cell phones and computers! Just God, fellowship, music, games and worship!

And of course FOOD!

Below are some pictures of the new cafeteria which we installed 5 units and all of the ductwork for as well as the walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer for the kitchen.

A tornado destryed the longtime cafeteria at this wonderful camp and a new one had to be built. This building is used to feed hundreds of children at a time during the summer months at camp.

This job was a great blessing for us and the facility is a great blessing for all who use it!

The above photos are of the condensing units for the cafeteria. We built a system to hold the linesets and run them cleanly down the wall and across to the units so they could be easily accessed and work on if necessary. There are three 5 ton units, a 4 ton unit and a 2 1/2 ton unit on this platform.

Here is a photo of the condensing units for the walk-in Cooler and Freezer. The frame for these condensers was designed and built by us as well. These Walk-in units are Techumse Brand and are backed by a fantastic warranty!

Here are the walk-in units. Cooler and matching freezer. We installed these boxes, panels and condensing equipment.

Above and below are the 2 smaller units installed in the attic. We added walk platforms around all units for easy access and a barrier so the blown in insulation did not come in contact with the units. They also have media filters installed for best filtration.

The below photos show the walk way and intallation of the 3 5 ton units which service the main cafeteria.